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For the past eighteen years, Residential Designer and Master Builder Dennis Palma has transformed his client’s ideas, dreams and needs into beautiful living and entertaining spaces of the highest quality here on the Monterey Peninsula. All of our companies efforts fall under expert direction of Dennis Palma.

We are professional team of architects, designers, engineers, builders, craftsman, technicians and artists working directly with you. On behalf of your construction project, the result of this unique project will be a development that looks right, feels right and rests in beautiful harmony in its surroundings.

As a design and build team of custom residential projects, we offer our clients a private at-home life style for entertaining and relaxing from life's stresses in a quality built home that is beautiful, livable and at a highly competitive cost.

We offer homeowners truly Value Engineered homes that are beautiful, energy efficient, work well, run well and are as sustainable as the owners want them to be.

We have always had a commitment to excellence, which has resulted in some of the finest homes to be built in the Monterey/Carmel area.


“To live, entertain, and play in a uniquely designed home in this beautiful location, crafted with such care, will create a quality of life that is unequaled.”


At Palma & Co. we exceed the standard because as a team we believe and are committed to:

Integrity - Our reputation is built on uncompromised integrity.

Quality - We build projects of unequaled quality and craftsmanship.

Professionalism - We are committed to unconditional professionalism.

Honesty - Our guiding principal is absolute honesty.

Teamwork - We are committed to result-oriented teamwork. We do whatever it takes!

Organization - Our strength is based uponproactive planning. "We plan our work and work our plan"

Vision - With uncommon vision we capture our client's dream, and build a lasting symbol of a quality community.


Communication - We are committed to positive and open communication.

 Dedication-We are dedicated to our goals and objectives, and strive for excellence.

By working with our team of professionals from the start, you can avoid some common pitfalls in which homebuyers often find themselves when they decide to build a project of unique and varied scope. It is our goal to get you started in the right direction and staying on track.

It is our experience that a highly skilled and dedicated project management team makes for a project that is on budget, on time and is built right. Palma & Co. builds custom buildings that are beautiful, innovative, workable, ecologically sound, and cost effective.

As your representative and advocate in this process, we look out for your interests while guiding you through the entire house design and building process. 

We solicit bids from a number of reputable contractors and subcontractors to ensure you receive a fair price, and then monitor the entire construction process to ensure you receive the highest quality custom home (constructed as designed). We make sure you get what you pay for.

Accessible and available to answer your questions and concerns with your project. Dennis Palma  has worked closely, hand in hand with each of his clients  over the past 20 years to complet and deliver great projects and construction experiences.

“We work hard and smart to anticipate any issues that may arise in the delivery of a new home and are proactive in our planning, scheduling and selections process of the home. This methodology keeps the whole project on track for a successful on time and on budget completion.”

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